ABOUT WHAT WE SELL. Most of the weapons appearing on this site are  keris. The correct way in
which to maintain a keris  is with a blade which has been patinated to darken the ferric material and
highlight the contrasting material which the blade may contain. Usually,the keris we sell are presented
in this way. Many of these keris are less than 100 years old and are in most cases, beautiful examples of
the art of the keris. Older blades are also listed, and are identified when possible in accordance with the
Javanese system of blade classification. The tradition of the societies where these weapons originate
dictates that it is incorrect, in fact, disrespectful, to accommodate a fine blade in inferior or damaged
dress. In accordance with this tradition, the better quality blades which we offer, are frequently dressed
in new, premium quality wrongko, pendok and ukiran, from the hands of some of the most highly
regarded craftsmen in Central Java. Descriptions are guaranteed, condition of all items listed is usually
very good to excellent, and where any material fault does exist, it is mentioned in the description.

Many of the items offered for sale have come from our own personal collections that through our
family, have been put together over a period of more than 100 years. The time has come to downsize the
number of items that require our ongoing attention and continued maintenance. Every catalogue that
we have published has for many years included some items from our collections, and in recent years the
collection items have increased.

Photographs are subject to the normal degree of colour variation found in any photographic process,
and to variation in computer monitor adjustments. All photographs are taken using natural light, we do
not have a studio and have only very limited control over the lighting setup for our photos, as a
consequence light will often be uneven, and unavoidable reflections will sometimes intrude into a photo.
If any photograph of an item offered for sale is not adequate to permit you to see what you want to see,
we are more than happy to provide additional photos on request.

You can learn more about  keris by going to:-   
Keris Information.

CLASSIFICATION OF BLADES(tangguh). Among the keris listed for sale you may find older blades
have been given a classification. This classification has been made in accordance with the Central
Javanese system of tangguh. The meaning of the word tangguh is “opinion or estimate”. So the
classification that has been given is our opinion of the class into which the particular keris blade will fit.
This opinion is formed by a close examination of the physical characteristics of the blade, and
comparison of these characteristics with defined guidelines.
We are prepared to provide a justification for any opinion that has been given, however, this
justification has not been given in the item description because such a justification can run to a great
many words.
You can learn more about the Javanese system of blade classification by going to

NAMING OF MOTIFS, DHAPURS, PAMORS. For many years we have used the names and
descriptions learnt from informants in the field, and from traditional sources. In recent years many new
books dealing with the keris have been published, and we find that the writers of these books are using
names that in some cases are different to the names that we have been accustomed to using. We assume
that these new names reflect current opinion in the active keris societies of Jakarta and Jogjakarta.As far
as possible we are trying to comply with this new direction, however, sometimes it will be found that a
description that we use will vary from the newly published authorities. This does not indicate
disagreement with other authorities, it simply means we went to different schools.

            Terms of Sale
Prices are shown in US Dollars. The price does not include postage, insurance , customs duty, VAT, or
any other taxes applicable in country of destination.

Ordering: Details that will allow you to contact us can be found here:-     contact us
All ordered items will be held for 7  days, and payment must be received within that time.

Payment: Payment will be by Paypal unless otherwise agreed, and the buyer will pay an additional
3.4% to cover part of the fee that Paypal charges me.

In some cases, time payment will be considered,
but full payment must be completed within 6
months of the order date
. The amount payable will be fixed in $AUD at the rate shown on this site:-


on the day the order is placed.

The reason for this is that the $US/AUD is a volatile pairing and a large swing in comparative values can
disadvantage either the buyer or us. By ensuring that the debt is fixed at time of purchase an unpleasant
situation can be avoided.

Packing: Your purchase will be packed in bubble-wrap plastic and shredded paper in a box made to fit.
In more than thirty five years of forwarding fragile items to other countries in this way no losses have
been suffered because of failure of the packing.

Shipping: Wherever possible, and unless otherwise directed, your purchases will be sent by the lowest
cost air service available from Australia Post.

The cost of postage for a single keris sent in this way will be about $US36.
Insurance is recommended and cost depends upon value insured. You will be advised of the exact cost
for shipping after your purchase has been packed.

Here is a link to the Australia Post home page:-


At the moment (November 2020) Covid19 is causing some delay to delivery, however our experience in
both sending and receiving overseas parcels since January 2020 has indicated that although delivery is
slightly slower the reliability & integrity of the international mail system is intact.

Buyer's Responsibility:  It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that his purchase is legally
permitted entry to the destination country; the buyer is responsible for any and all import duties or
taxes imposed; by his purchase of any item from Tosanaji Keris the buyer warrants that he is legally
permitted to possess that item.

Return policy: Every effort is made to describe all listed items accurately, the descriptions are
supplemented by multiple photographs, and additional photos may be requested if those provided are
insufficient to allow you to make a decision on purchase. All visible defects are indicated, all material is
identified where this is possible, and all questions relating to any item offered for sale will be answered
to the best of our ability. There should be no surprises when you receive your purchase, however, if your
purchase does not satisfy you, you may return it at your cost within seven days of receipt. Provided the
returned item is received in the same condition it was in when we dispatched it, you will receive a full
refund of your purchase price, less shipping costs and expenses. We strongly recommend that if you do
decide to return a purchased item to us, you contact us and discuss the matter before sending:- the
Australian Customs and Quarantine Services can be very difficult to deal with unless regulations are
followed to the letter; failure to act in the correct way can involve considerable unnecessary expense.

We have a very large number of keris and other weapons available, as well as parts needed for keris
restoration. If there is something you need and you do not see it listed, please do not hesitate to contact
us with your request, we may be able to help.
About What We Sell
Tosanaji Keris