The Links provided below will take you to other sites containing
information about the keris.

Ethnographic Edged Weapons Forum.
An online Forum
devoted to the discussion of all ethnographic edged weapons. A search
of the Forum archives for keris related threads will provide an
enormous amount of information, and a good cross section of the
various ways in which the keris can be regarded.

This is a page in the above site that will provide access to articles,
links and other information that is invaluable to collectors and
students of the keris and other ethnographic edged weaponry.

Keris Warung Kopi.  "The Keris Coffee Shop", this is a sub-forum
of the Ethnographic Edged Weapons Site and is devoted exclusively to
discussion of the keris and closely related items. It is the premier
website for keris discussion, its members include some of the most
knowledgeable people in the world on the subject of the keris.

keriscollectie.  A site currently under construction by a dedicated
Dutch collector.
Tosanaji Keris