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Keris and Keris Related Reading

1. Krisses-A critical Bibliography-David van Duuren.Pictures Publishers,Polstraat 52,4261
BV,Wijk en Aalburg,Holland.I highly recommend this book.
2.  Keris Jawa-antara Mystik dan Nalar-Haryono Haryoguritno- P.T. Indonesia
Kebanggaanku-Jakarta, ISBN: 979-25-2530-0. Text in Indonesian.
The most beautiful book on the keris that has ever been published.
3.  The World of the Javanese Keris-Garrett and Bronwen Solyom,East-West
Centre-Hawaii,1978. An enormous amount of solid information in a limited number of pages.
This book has my complete endorsement.
4.  Ensiklopedi Keris- Bambang Harsrinuksmo, Gramedia- Jakarta, ISBN:  
979-22-0649-3.Text in Indonesian; a comprehensive reference.
5. The Kris-An Earthly Approach to a Cosmic Symbol-David van Duuren.Pictures Publishers
Polstraat 52,4261 BV,Wijk en Aalburg,Holland. An excellent book for beginners; I highly
recommend this book.
6.  'Origin of the Keris and its Development to the 14th. Century'-A.Maisey(article)
Published in "Arms Cavalcade"-The Official Journal of the Antique Arms Collectors Society of
Australia ,Vol.I,No.2, April 1998.
7.   "An Interpretation of the Pre-Islamic Javanese Keris"- A.Maisey (article)
Published in  "Arms Cavalcade"- The Official Journal of the Antique Arms Collectors Society of
Australia Co-op Limited,  May 2013  ISSN 1325-779X  
8. De Kris-Magic Relic of Old Indonesia-Vols.I,II and III Ing. G.J.F.J. Tammens.Holland,
1992/1993/1994.Parallel text in English and Dutch.
9. Origin of Early Kerises-Martin Kerner A4,152p.,50 black/white,ISBN 3-9520980-9-4
10.  A Glossary of the Construction,Decoration ,and Use of Arms and Armour-George Cameron
Stone .(Several editions.The standard reference on Eastern Edged Weaponry).AKA-"Stones
11.  The Keris and Other Malay Weapons-A.H.Hill,Journal of the Malay Branch of the Royal
Asiatic Society,Vol.XX Part II,1947.
12.  The Kris-E.Frey,Oxford University Press,Singapore.
13.  Keris-Drs.Hamzuri,P.T. Midas Surya Grafindo-Jakarta,1984.
14.  Keris and Other Weapons of Indonesia-Moebirman,Yayasan Pelita Wisata,Jakarta,1973.
15.  The Invincible Krises 2- Vanna Ghiringhelli, Saviolo Publisher, USA, 2007,
ISBN 978-88-95125-05-3
16.  Kris the Invincible(Kris Gli Invincibili)-Vanna e Mario Ghiringheli,Be-Ma Editrice,Milano
17.   'An Introduction to the Javanese Keris'-Hardiono H.B.(article). Published in "Arts of
Asia",Vol.9,No.3 May-June 1979, 1309 Kowloon Centre,29-30 Ashley Road,Kowloon H.K.
18.  The Keris and the Naga-A.G.Maisey(article). Published in "Arms Cavalcade"-The Official
Journal of the Antique Arms Collectors Society of Australia,Vol.I,No.3,December 2000.
19.  'The Great Blades of Java'-A.Maisey (article). Published in "Knives '90" DBI Books Inc.
20. The Keris in the Magic World View-Martin Kerner A4,62p.,ill. black/white.ISBN
21.   The Javanese Keris-Isaac Groneman, C.Zwatenkot Art Books, Leiden, 2009.
ISBN 978-90-5450-006. A collection of articles on the keris, including the landmark papers by
Isaac Groneman, immensely valuable from the historical perspective of study of the keris.

Cultural and Historical Background.

1.  Visible and Invisible Realms-Margaret J.Wiener
ISBN 0-226-88582-8/1,The University of Chicago Press
This book is essential reading for anybody who wishes to come to an understanding of the keris.
perhaps the single most important work on this page.
2.   Island of Bali-Miguel Covarrubias,Oxford University Press,many editions,first published
3.  The Indianized States of Southeast Asia-G.Coedès.East-West Centre Press,Hawaii,1968.
4.  Nusantara,AHistory of Indonesia-Bernard H.M.Vlekke,English edition-W.van Hoeve Ltd.
5.  On the Javanese Keris-W.H.Rassers,published in Bijdragen,99,1940.There is also an English
6.  Sekala and Niskala -Fred B. Eisman,jr.,ISBN 0-945971-03-6,Periplus Editions,First Edition
7.  Malay Magic-Walter W.Skeat.First pub.1900,2nd.Ed.Benjamin Blom Inc.,New York,1972.
"Origin Of the Keris and its Development to the 14th. Century".
Originally published in "Arms Cavalcade", Vol.1, No. 2, April 1998.
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"The Keris and the Naga".
Originally published in "Arms Cavalcade", Vol.1,No. 3, December 2000.
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The Javanese system of blade classification.
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To Clean and Stain Keris Blades
An informal guide to the cleaning and staining of a keris blade.
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Keris Diagram
A diagram showing the terms used in Surakarta, Jawa,
Indonesia, for the various features (ricikan) of a keris blade.
Ancient Javanese Weapons
Some photographs of relief carvings at Candi Prambanan, near
Jogjakarta in Central Java showing representations of weapons
believed to be in use in Java in the 9th. Century, Current Era.
On-line References
"An Interpretation of the Pre-Islamic Javanese Keris"
Official Journal of the Antique Arms Collectors Society of Australia Co-op
Limited,  May 2013  ISSN 1325-779X  
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This reading list has ceased to fulfil its original objective. When it was
first published in hard copy form, many, many years ago, the objective
of the reading list was to provide a list of a few books that would give
solid guidance to a newcomer to the study of keris.

Publications on the subject of keris have become very numerous, and I
now find that although I cannot wholeheartedly endorse all the
publications on this list, all of these publications will have some
content that will assist in knowledge and understanding of the keris,
as such, all can be considered as worthy additions to the library of a
student, or a collector, of the keris.